Local Supports Local: La Posta Brothers Market


Battenkill Valley Creamery visited La Posta (pronounced La Pasta) Brothers Market on the outskirts of Troy, NY, as a part of our Local Supports Local project. We talked with Frank La Posta, a current owner. His great grandfather founded the Italian market in 1923, and it’s been at it’s current location at 181 Speigletown Rd, Troy, NY for 40 years.
“We carry a lot of things that other places, larger places can’t. Not every producer can or wants to meet the demands of what a big supermarket wants from them to carry their product. Having local products is important to us. It gives you a uniqueness as a small market. We’re old fashioned. We don’t haggle with our vendors, we believe in a fair price for a fair product. We’ve got the original ball park mustard from Cleveland, Ohio. We’ve got Mad Dog sauerkraut, Hot Dog Charlie’s sauce, Old Daley products, and of course Battenkill Creamery and other local items. Battenkill is great to work with. It’s a local product, it’s top quality, and it’s good service. They work with the small guys, and we appreciate that.”
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