Local Supports Local: LePage’s Market, Cohoes, NY

Battenkill Valley Creamery continues our Local Supports Local with a talk with Tony LePage at LePage’s Market, located at 342 N Mohawk St #1740, in Cohoes, NY. Owned by Tony and Sandra LePage, the market has operated at it’s current location since 2011. The store was a homecoming for Tony, since he owned and operated another market on Vliet St. in Cohoes from 1974 to 1990 before shifting gears in life to work as a Snapple distributor and owning a sports memorabilia store.
“I got bored with what I was doing, and wanted to go back to having a market. It was something that I had done before, and I knew that I liked it. I like the interaction with people. I have a lot of energy, I can’t just sit at home and do nothing, I like having a job that is fast paced.
I like carrying local stuff and supporting the local economy. We carry honey that’s made just down the street from us. We’ve got Martha’s ice cream sandwiches and a lot more. I like to do business with the little guy. I hadn’t heard about Battenkill before I started the market. But I had people coming in and telling me how amazing it is, how the chocolate milk is like drinking a shake, so I went to the Farmers’ Market and we’ve been selling it ever since. People come in just to buy the milk and I don’t even advertise that we have it! People like to buy it in glass, they tell me that it tastes better to them than the plastic.”
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