Local Supports Local: Fred the Butcher


Battenkill Valley Creamery continues it’s Local Supports Local project with Fred the Butcher in Halfmoon, NY. Founded in 1979 by Fred Buonanno, this must stop butcher shop is co-owned by David MacVane and his family with Fred Buonanno’s son Andy Buonanno, since 2014. We spoke with head manager Dylan MacVane (right) and co-owner Andy Buonanno (left) about what they love about the shop.
“It’s a family affair here,” said Dylan MacVane. “My mom Kim runs things up front, my brother David Jr. runs the Slingerlands location, and Andy Buonanno does a great job with layout and managing the store too. We carry all different cuts of meat. If we don’t have it, we’ll order it and bring it in. We get a lot from Master Purveyors in the Bronx, along with lamb and Berkshire pig from the local Amish community, and chicken from Misty Knoll. We like our local goods, including Battenkill Milk!”
“We love local businesses because we all support each other,” said Buonanno. “We send our customers to check out local products if we don’t have them here because we’re all in this together as a local community.”
“My dad loves Battenkill, he even carries his stuff in a Battenkill crate,” said MacVane. “The milk is just amazing! The chocolate milk, I could chug that all day. I think that the glass is cool too, it’s just so classic. Battenkill is just a great company. We’ve never had any problems with them, and if we did we know they’d make them right. They’re family oriented, and we admire that. We always aim to be in the same boat for our plan too.”
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