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Local Supports Local: Wayside Country Store

We continue our local supports local project with Wayside Country Store, an Arlington institution. Started in 1850, the Tschorn family has owned the business since 1984 and is in its third generation. We spoke with Chelsea Tschorn (pictured above) about her family, the store, and their community.
“My favorite part about working here is being a service to the community. It’s what keeps us here. Having a general store is vital to the Arlington community. You develop relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know. I love being able to provide food for and give back to our community when we can.
When our local dairy went out of business last September, we knew we needed to find another local choice. We looked into commercial milks, and they couldn’t compete on a price or quality level. Initially we only carried glass in quarts, but we had customers that were really into getting the glass half gallons, so we started carrying that option as well. We didn’t anticipate that need, but it’s pretty cool to see.
We love having local goods here. We were the first wholesale location for Vermont Spätzle. We have greens from Camden Creek Farm, local meats and fermented goods as well. It’s important to have that variety available here.”
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Local Supports Local: Cambridge Food Co-Op

Battenkill Valley Creamery continues our Local Supports Local project with The Cambridge Food Co-Op and Acting Manager Katie Kerr. The cooperative is a Cambridge institution, in operation since 1976.

“I left my job at a bank in October of 2019, and took some time off for myself,” said Kerr. “I started at the co-op in July of 2020, because I believe it’s important to stay local and be passionate about our community. With everything going on today, I think helping to feed my community is the best thing I could be doing right now. We’re run by community members, and we have strong connections with local farmers and producers. We want to keep it as local as we can, which has been a driving thing for me. I really try to seek out and get the best local products I can for our members.”

Thank you Katie and the co-op for the support! We’re proud to be your local source for award winning milk.


Have a store you’d like us to feature? Click here to send us a suggestion!


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Local Supports Local Highlight: Sherman’s Store

Photo By Eric Jenks


We stopped by Battenkill Valley Creamery vendor Sherman’s Store in West Rupert, VT yesterday, and talked with new co-owner Carol Connors. She re-opened the store with business partner Pat Garrison in late October of last year.

“It’s home. When we had the chance to buy it, we knew we had to keep it a store. It’s what the community needed, and we’ve been very thankful for the very receptive and supportive nature of the town when we reopened. We love carrying Battenkill Valley Creamery milk because it’s local, and that’s something we really want to focus on. The maple syrup, the honey, the milk, etc. We’re trying to get as many local products as we can, including produce this spring. It’s the right thing to do, supporting your neighbors.”

We think so too. Happy to have another local business back in the area! Thanks for joining the Battenkill family Carol and Pat!

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Make Your Own: Hot Chocolate with Maple Whipped Cream

Photo By Eric Jenks

There are some long cold nights left to winter, and what better way is there to spend them than sipping some hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream? We’ll let you in on a secret: our chocolate milk makes a delicious hot chocolate! I like to warm it up on the stove top to my preferred temperature and enjoy. And our heavy cream whips up great! For a little extra New England flair, I use maple syrup instead of sugar to sweeten the whipped cream. Give it a try for your next cup by the fire! Need a recipe for the maple whipped cream? We’ve got you covered.

Photo By Eric Jenks

Recipe for Maple Whipped Cream:

1 Cup Battenkill Valley Creamery Heavy Cream

3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup (or to taste)

1/2 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract (a capful usually works great too!)


Mix all of your ingredients together in a mixing bowl. While a stand mixer is preferred (this can sometimes take a while), an electric hand mixer will do in a pinch. Mix on medium to high speeds. Starting out, this can sometimes get messy, so I like to ramp up the speed as the cream starts to firm up. Once the whipped cream reaches a medium to stiff peak (meaning as you mix the cream, it doesn’t immediately collapse back down on itself), you’re done! I like a medium peak if I’m serving immediately. It’s a little bit softer, so it settles back down from it’s whipped consistency a bit faster than a stiff peak. If you’ll be serving after dinner and just want to have it made up beforehand, I prefer a stiff peak as it holds together for longer. If you’re not serving immediately, make sure to keep it in an air tight bowl and cool in the refrigerator. It’ll be good to use for about 24 hours, but may lose a bit of cohesion the longer you wait. Serve with a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder, or creme de menthe, your choice! You really can’t go wrong with this delicious treat.


Looking for the chocolate milk, heavy cream, and maple syrup? We have them all for sale at our creamery in Salem, NY. Wild Hill Maple is our source for maple syrup and other maple products at the shop.


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Welcome to the New BVC Website!

Welcome All…to the NEW & IMPROVED Battenkill Valley Creamery Website! We would like to thank Mannix Marketing and their team for working effortlessly on revamping and updating our website (especially Jamie – Many Thanks!)

If you are reading this….than thank you for checking out the new site and supporting BVC! Don’t forget to check out the “Where to Buy” page and see where you can find our products!

The “As Seen In” page and see the buzz around the most delicious milk and the local places that support us!

The “History” page to learn about the BVC family!…….To name a few!!!

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