Our delivery fee is $3.50 for each delivery

Award Winning Farm Fresh Milk

* Through our home delivery service we are offering our environmentally-friendly, returnable glass bottles. There is a $1.50 deposit per bottle.

1/2 gallons*

Cream Top Milk (Non-Homogenized)$3.00
Whole Milk$3.00
Reduced Fat Milk (2%)$3.00
Fat Free Milk$3.00
Chocolate Milk$3.50


Cream Top Milk (Non-Homogenized)$1.75
Whole Milk$1.75
Reduced Fat Milk (2%)$1.75
Fat Free Milk$1.75
Chocolate Milk$2.25
Half & Half$3.00
Heavy Cream$4.50
Egg Nog (Seasonal)$4.50

1/2 liters (pints)*

Reduced Fat Milk (2%)$1.45
Chocolate Milk$1.75
Half & Half$1.75
Heavy Cream$2.50
Egg Nog (Seasonal)$2.75

Ice Cream

(Our truly homemade super premium ice cream) From Our Cows To Your Cone!!


Chocolate Chunk$5.00
Mint Chocolate Chunk$5.00
Cookie Dough$5.00
Black Raspberry$5.00
Maple Walnut$5.00
Butter Pecan$5.00
Peppermint Stick (Seasonal)$5.00

Ice Cream Pints

Chocolate Chunk$3.25
Mint Chocolate Chunk$3.25
Cookie Dough$3.25
Black Raspberry$3.25
Maple Walnut$3.25
Butter Pecan$3.25
Peppermint Stick (Seasonal)$3.25

Orange Juice

Tropicana half gallon (no pulp)$4.50


Local free range eggs$4.75
Thomas eggs (local)$4.25

Our Daily Bread / Gluten Free bakery


All Sliced

Not Gluten Free

Cinnamon Swirl$6.00
Mixed Grain$6.00
Seeded Rye$6.00
Country White$6.00
Whole Grain$6.00

Gluten Free

Original Sandwich$6.00
Cinnamon Raisin$6.00
Caraway Rye$6.00



Cabot 1 lb. Salted Butter$4.99

Maplebrook Farm Cheese


Fresh mozzarella 12oz$6.55
Fresh smoked mozzarella 8oz$4.60
Fresh ricotta 16oz$3.95
Cheddar (curd) bites 8oz$4.20
Whole Milk Feta 8oz$4.45

Saratoga Crackers

Available in 3.5 oz. bags

Saratoga Spice + Parmesan$5.75
Travers – 3 Cheese$5.75
Rosemary + Olive$5.25
Cinnamon + Sugar$5.25

Wild Hill Maple


Maple Syrup Pint$11.00
Maple Syrup Quart$19.00
Maple Syrup 1/2 Gallon$34.00

Argyle Cheese Farmer


Yogurt (Glass Packaged) $1.50 deposit not included

Plain 16oz$3.50
Plain 32oz$5.50
Maple 16oz$3.75
Vanilla 16oz$3.75

Greek Yogurt (Plastic Containers)

Plain 5oz$4.00
Vanilla 5oz$4.00
Maple 5oz$4.25

Cheddar Curds

Sun Dried Tomato$5.25
Garlic Herb$5.25

Saratoga Peanut Butter Co.

www.yopeanut.com  (16 oz. containers)

Plain Jane Chunky$7.25
Plain Jane Creamy$7.25
Chill’n Chocolate Dark Chocolate$8.25
New York Maple Maple and Honey$8.25

Mu Mu Muesli


20oz Bag$6.75

Gatherer’s Granola


Chipmunk’s Choice – 12 oz. bag
Golden rolled oats, maple syrup, peanut butter, toasted almonds
Squirrel Bait – 12 oz. bag
Whole and crushed pecans, maple syrup, toasted coconut
Fox’s Fancy – 12 oz. bag
Spices, honey, apple, vanilla, maple syrup

Uncommon Grounds

www.uncommongrounds.com Available in 1 lb bags

Organic Blend – Whole Bean$13.00
Organic Blend – Ground
*Roaster’s Choice Organic – from Uncommon Grounds’ line of rotating, seasonal coffee selections. One pound of UG’s best single origin fair trade and organically grown coffees. These coffees are generally roasted medium/light to highlight the interesting taste characteristics found in small production co-op coffee.
Decaf – Whole Bean
*Decaf – Uncommon Grounds uses strictly water processed decaf coffees. No chemicals are used in stripping the caffeine from the coffee, retaining its natural delicious character.
Decaf – Ground$12.50
Dark Roast – Whole Bean
*Dark Roast – this coffee is roasted longer and hotter than any of UG’s other coffees to create a strong smoky aroma, crisp punchy body and a bright finish. All hallmarks of an intense dark roast.
Dark Roast – Ground$12.00

Milk’s Companions

Milk Box$114.00
Pour Spout$0.50
2 Half Gallon-Bottle Milk Carrier$3.00